"Power to People"

That is our Mission. Every village should be enabled to generate their
own power and have absolute control over it.

Enabling doesn't stop with providing power supply. It is a continuous process.
Using a local resource demands that resource protection. If it is hydro, then
catchment area needs protection. If it biomass, sustainable harvesting of the
biomass is needed. Any of these processes brings further benefits to the
community. For example, improving the Catchment area not only gives hydro
power, but also increases the water availablity for irrigation.

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Over 15 years experience in Renewable energy
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Renewable Energy Solutions

We offer micro hydro. solar PV, solar Thermal and small wind power
A Little About What We Do

Concept to Implementation, all tasks can be handled by us. We have worked with
many NGOs and installed a number of community owned micro hydro systems.
Village Renewable Energy Systems ( India) P Ltd.
We are in need of dedicated engineers who are willing to
work in remote tribal areas in India. Please contact us
through the contacts page!