Services We Provide

Do you have a good stream? Water flows year around? You can
set up a hydro power plant within six months!

We can help by conducting site assessment and equipment
We also could help in organising active participation of
the community.
We do;
  1. Site Measurements
  2. System design
  3. Management plan
  4. Manufacture of equipment
  5. Links to other suppliers - pipes, cables etc.
  6. Advanced, low energy lighting sytems - LED Lamps.
  7. Productive End-use identification.
We are also providing here some simple measurement technics
for you to do a quick assessment yourself. You dont need fancy
equipment for conducting these measurements.

For hydro schemes two parameters are very important. the
vertical height - called
Head and the quantity of water flowing
called "
flow rate".
Flow Rate
    Bucket Method
    Water Tube
More tips will be added soon.
Please check again!